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Author And Illustrator of
The Breadwinner Series

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About Morgan True Blum

Morgan True Blum was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, the youngest child in a highly creative family. From an early age she was drawn to creative pursuits, primarily writing, art, and acting. As an author Morgan strives to combine all these disciplines into creating vivid and stimulating worlds for her Young Adult Fantasy novels. In addition to writing, Morgan illustrates her own covers, and narrates her own audiobooks.

Morgan began outlining her first book, The Breadwinner, at the age of 18, after moving to the Bay Area of Houston, where the ocean was always nearby, filling her mind with dreams of mermaids, and sea serpents. This combined with her passion for history, and Russian culture, was a recipe for what she considers her passion projects for the past several years.

Today Morgan resides happily in Houston with her beloved husband, her son Magnus, and many, many pets.

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