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The Dream Chaser

The first of a two-part prequel, The Dream Chaser takes place before the events of The Breadwinner, and tells the story of how Pasha and Faina met, their struggles as immigrant children adapting to a new life in America, and how Pasha became a Breadwinner…

“Pasha and Faina’s friendship was like the Manhattan gridiron: neither could remember what New York City was like before it, and it was hard to imagine it any other way.”

Ten-year-old Pasha is struggling to fill his father’s shoes after the Bolsheviks force his family to flee to New York City.

Faina’s parents are killed by the invading Red Army, and she and her older brother Leo find themselves in the care of their uncle who’s living the American Dream.

When Faina breaks into Pasha’s apartment and tries to kiss him in exchange for not tattling, the city soon starts to feel like home. Faina and Pasha grow to be such good friends that even their families seem to become one. But when Pasha’s mother loses her job, Pasha sells himself to a street gang called the Breadwinners to help provide for his family. Innocent and gentle, Pasha is not cut out for the life of a thug. Faina and her older brother Leo are determined to help Pasha survive, even if it means keeping secrets.

Meanwhile in Voiler, Pyro Anomaly gets stuck working undercover as a circus performer for Staccato Nimbus when he’s kicked out of the Saighdeoir for unruly behavior. Struggling to overcome his vices, Pyro and the other agents embark on a mission to intercept a stolen artifact from the C.O.N. that may be responsible for the Spanish Influenza outbreak plaguing the Other.

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